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Better analysis for better performances

Brainify has engineered for online merchants, an e-commerce performance center dedicated to improve and objectify webmarketing decisions. We allow data visualization for the whole selling cycle very clear and readily understandable.

Designed by online merchant for online merchants, our solution is free and will stay free.

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Convert your grey audience

with a tool designed
by ecommerce merchant for ecommerce merchant

97 %

of your visitors will not
buy anything on your online store.

3%This means only 3% of visitors
are converted into costumers

Traffic acquisition giving you a headache?
We sympathize with you…

97% of your visitors will not buy anything on your online store despite your efforts to drive them in and ever increasing acquisition costs.

Try it for yourself !

Understand to make better decisions

Your success depends on converting your grey audience.
Brainify provide a free, solution to analyze your selling cycle in real time.

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Brainify ecommerce performance center


Register now and install Brainify Analytics in less than 3 minutes. No technical skills are needed. In less than 24 hours you will have access to the first parts of your e-commerce control center.


Monitor your KPIs in real time. Visualize your selling mechanisms. Improve your knowledge sharing your concerns with professionals like you, within the Brainify ecosystem.

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Master your KPIs. Sharpen your decisions. Still want to expand? Follow us in order to activate Brainify Performance features.

Brainify your data

10M€ CA

30K€ CA

  • You are at the beginning of your ecommerce adventure,
    we’ll help you expand
  • You are no longer a beginner,
    you’ve reached cruising speed. But a little more effort is needed start playing in the big league.
  • you are starting to build muscle
    but there is still a lot of work to be done to become a Schwarzenegger.
  • You are on fire, nothing can stop you!
    Keep your cool.
  • You come from another planet.
    And it’s kinda frightening ...

Your potential will surprise you

Performance is not reserved to the elite.
E-beginner or E-bulldozer? Each and every ecommerce merchant must be able to push their business along the path to growth.

Your data, your decisions

Your data is gathered and Brainify perform the analysis for you. This gives you more time to spend understanding your selling cycle and focus on strategies to grow your business.


Agency or Freelance ?

Brainify is also for you

Supply your online merchants with a free, specially designed, easily understandable and performing analytic tool.

Allow them to participate in successful marketing operations you build for them. Support them in understanding the data with the “Ecommerce expert advice” section that we have designed to enable agencies to keep in touch with your customers.

Using Brainify performance, help your customer to increase turnover of 20%.

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